November 6-7th, 2012
Fredericton Inn, Fredericton

The coalition summit planning committee is please to share the collective feedback of summit participants based on the data collected using the “Sayzu” software. The report is presented in three sections;

  1. Summary Report of Findings: This integrates the feedback, word clouds and the graphic illustrations of the group dialogue.

  2. Appendix A: This appendix lists the URL links to the word clouds where the word cloud data can be further analyzed.

  3. Appendix B: This appendix contains the “raw data” from the group feedback. The data appears as it was typed into the Sayzu program and in the language it was recorded.

The Summit Planning Committee has been meeting to determine the next steps after the summit. The committee is in the process of articulating this discussion in writing and will share this thinking as soon it is completed, which includes the development of an action plan that feedback will be sought on before implementing.

We look forward to continuing this New Brunswick conversation.


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